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Portal 52 'Diagnosis' acrylic painting Cindy Zampa

PORTAL 52 - Week 4 'Diagnosis'

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On getting the diagnosis:

"Hearing the words spoken aloud is shocking, jarring to say the least. Suddenly, everything in my peripheral vision blurs and my focus is reduced to a small spot on the floor. The spot becomes a hole. The floor opens up underneath my feet and I drop to the bowels of the earth in a fraction of a second. I fall down, down, down into the depths, spinning, twisting, free-falling... I'm dizzy, nauseous, wondering if this descent will end. Life, as I know it, is radically altered. Life will never, ever be the same."

Or, perhaps it is this:

"Relief washes over me like a tidal wave. Finally! Finally, I know. Finally, I have a label upon which to hang all the symptoms, a way to quickly explain what has been indescribable to others for so long now. The weight of the unknown lifts from my shoulders. I float above the scene, just like the specks of dust that are drifting in the beam of sunlight. In this moment, everything looks different than in the previous moment. My heart fills with joy and gratitude. Every detail of the room comes into sharp focus. All memories and blessings are appreciated more deeply than ever before. My perspective on life is renewed."

Either way, a portal has been crossed.

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