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San Lorenzo Portal 1


Week 10 - 'San Lorenzo Portal 1’

I was fortunate enough to visit the birthplace of my mother-in-law while we were travelling in Italy. The reference photo for this painting was taken from across the narrow Via Blata, of San Lorenzo di Arzene, in the province of Pordenone.

My husband’s Aunt and Uncle, who were our gracious hosts and tour guides, agreed to take us to see this place, despite their opinion that “there is not much to see.” Oh, how very wrong they were! As I reviewed the photos I’d taken, along with those captured by my sister-in-law and my daughter, I could not select just one portal to paint! Consequently, this is the first of four paintings inspired by this one building.

So many of the buildings in Italy are fascinating to visit. With centuries old structures sitting beside modern architectural designs, a short stroll can be a feast for the eyes. When you know even just a bit of the history of a place, to then stand in front of it, soaking in the ambience with all of your senses, makes the viewing of it so much more meaningful. As I painted this picture, I was transported back to Italy. I could feel the warmth of the sun, smell the aged wood, and taste the wine and prosciutto.

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