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San Lorenzo Portal 2


Week 11 - 'San Lorenzo Portal 2’

The kitchen is the heart of most Italian homes. I learned very quickly after marrying into an Italian family, that food – or rather, the sharing of it - is nothing short of an expression of love. Stepping through this door takes you directly into the kitchen. On the floor, in the centre of the kitchen, is a large fire place (fogolar) used both as a source of heat and place to cook their meals. The screen-less window to the left of the door opens directly onto the street as well.

It seems that every village, town and city in Italy, no matter how small it may be, has a patron saint. Of course, honouring the patron saint is one more reason to gather for a feast. Despite its tiny size, the residents of San Lorenzo know how to throw a party! The festivities to celebrate St. Lawrence, whose feast day is August 10, will last for over a week. My mother-in-law recalls that long tables would be set up right outside her front door. End to end, the tables spanned the whole length of Via Blata, and ended in an open area under some trees. Treats, such as watermelon and sweet cakes similar to doughnuts, would be set out for eating. Boards would be laid down on the ground for the dance, and a farmer’s market would spring up in the town plaza. With this combination of music, wine, and food, St. Lawrence was honoured, loved, and very well celebrated.

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