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First Look Bridge

Week 20: First Look Bridge

“When I saw you, I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.”

~Arrigio Boito~

“When your children find true love, parents find true joy”


This portal is a symbol of transition. Specifically, it represents one of the most important transitions one can make in life - marriage.

On September 30, 2017, our son Ben married a lovely woman named Sara. Like many couples these days, they decided to have their ‘first look’ pictures taken before the ceremony rather than waiting until Sara walked down the aisle. They chose this location, a bridge behind our house, to be the spot where Sara would regale Ben with the first sight of his beautiful bride-to-be in her wedding dress and veil.

I chose to paint this picture during week 20 since this is one of the two weeks that Ben and Sara are on their honeymoon. My husband and I agreed to look after their dog, Jax, for them while they are in Europe. (See Week 7 for a picture of Jax, another type of portal.) So far, we have managed to take Jax for walks twice a day, and at least one of the walks involves a stroll across this very bridge.

Bridges are often considered to be symbols of love. A bridge could also be a metaphor for marriage. Like marriage, the bridge is a permanent feature which acts to unite two elements. It is where two people meet each other half way, to share their dreams, hopes, plans, love, and many other emotions. It allows two people to join together as one, to create a unique space and life together in their own time, yet still traverse back and forth to the worlds that shaped them as individuals.

This particular bridge connects two different sides of a pond, but I see it as a portal, or transition, between two different worlds. I love the beautiful stone archway, which conveys a sense of majesty and strength, just like the solid foundation that is needed for a lasting marriage. Unlike the stone, which may appear cold, it also has the warm nature of the wooden planks and railings. Having healthy boundaries and warmth in a relationship are also vital features for any successful marriage.

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