• Cindy Zampa

Portal 52 Week 34: Iron Horse Park

Here in Airdrie, a city of just over 61,000 people, many people volunteer their time and energy on a variety of projects. It is this spirit of generosity that makes me appreciate where I live.

One such project, Iron Horse Park, is an 11-acre parcel of land on which a part of Canadian history has been reconstructed. The Alberta Model Engineering Society, alongside many dedicated volunteers, are engaged in a continual ‘work-in progress’. Based on old photographs, documents, and the recollected memories of its members, they have built a small Canadian Pacific Railway station. Miniature steam and diesel locomotives were also built. The trains travel on small tracks through a unique terrain that represents the landscape that stretches from the prairies to the coast.

As a member of the Airdrie Regional Arts Society, we had the privilege of hosting a family appreciation BBQ at this park for our members on August 25th. We were treated to a ride on one of the locomotives, built at 1/8th scale. The journey took us across trestle bridges and through tunnels, the South Portal being one of them. Squeals of delight erupted as we chugged through the tunnel. The park is miniature in size, but the experience it offers is grand, thanks to the passion-driven volunteers!

Check out their website at:


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