• Cindy Zampa

PORTAL 52 Week 38: Surprise!

This week our son, daughter-in-law, and her parents organized a dinner for all of us - a chance to get together before we leave on our trip to Europe. As we were getting ready to go to their house for dinner, my husband and I had the following conversation:

Rob: "I wonder if they'll have any news to share?"

Me: "What are you talking about?"

Rob: "Like, maybe an announcement?"

Me: "Announcing what?

Rob: "You know...." He puffs out his cheeks and uses both hands to rub his belly.

Me: "They've got indigestion? Why would they announce THAT?""

Rob: (Rolls his eyes) "That they're expecting!"

Me: "OH! A baby? No, I don't think so." (Spoken with certainty.) Nope. I don't think they're expecting. Besides, I'm not ready to be a grandmother yet. Are you ready to be a grandfather? Or would you be called 'Nonno'? Oh my goodness, that would make me 'Nonna' then? See, I don't even know what I'd be called.... but 'Granny' is definitely not a name I am ready to wrap my head around."

At dinner, both sets of parents were handed white rectangular boxes, and given strict instructions to open them together. The boxes did NOT hold, as both of her parents guessed, a framed wedding picture!

Of course, we are beyond thrilled! Amazing isn't it, how the simple act of opening a box pushed me through the portal that I did not think I was ready to go through yet?

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