• Cindy Zampa


Legacy of Nigada - A Self-Portrait

{Nigada is the Cherokee word for ‘all’ or ‘everyone’.}

Everyone leaves a legacy, whether they intend to or not. Material and physical wealth are just a small portion of what makes up one’s legacy. Here are some other aspects that create a legacy:

The values we live by, and how we act as role models for others,

Sharing lessons learned, including the ones our mistakes have taught us, for those are often the most valuable teachings of all,

Contributing time and energy towards meaningful activities to make positive, lasting impacts for humanity and our world,

Using our talents and gifts in service to causes greater than our own,

Embracing our uniqueness and living our truth with a genuinely grounded, yet passionate energy,

Offering the best of ourselves to effect positive, lasting change in the world, that will extend beyond our lifetime,

Taking responsibility to ensure that our actions, and the words we speak, build up rather than destroy.

I hope to leave the world a better place than it was when I came into it, by using and sharing my gifts and loving others well. I hope my legacy highlights the importance of resilience, gratitude, generosity, love and kindness.

What legacy will you create today?

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