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Legacy of Farmers and Food Producers - Barn door

Farms are often passed down through generations of a family. The land, equipment, techniques and knowledge are all important parts of the legacy that gets handed over when the time comes. Farming is a way of life, full of its own unique challenges. The labour and daily commitment required of a farmer results in products that sustain and nourish us. Food is life. It’s as simple as that.

A trip to the grocery store has most of us mainly concerned with the prices and freshness of the items on our list. We rarely stop to think about where the food came from, or how it got from the farms to the shelves. These days, a Grand Canyon-sized gap lies between urban and rural lifestyles. Many city-dwellers do not think about what is involved in making food readily accessible to them.

Farmers and food producers are intimately linked to the earth’s resources, the seasons, the weather, and the health of the animals in their care. The choices they make throughout a growing season can significantly influence future growing seasons. This impact extends beyond the seasons, to future generations of farmland, farmers, and even to the world’s food supply. Our lives depend not only upon the legacies left to us from previous generations of farmers, but also on the current technologies that determine the way farmers carry out their daily chores.

This painting of a barn door is a nod of gratitude to the farmers and food producers worldwide. They are the true pillars of the agricultural industry, and the stewards of the earth.

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