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Legacy of the Pig

On February 5, 2019, we enter the twelfth sign of the Chinese zodiac and begin the year of the pig.

According to my (admittedly limited) research, people born during the year of the pig have a calm temperament, remaining unfazed even in the face of danger or conflict. Easy going, patient, reliable, giving, honest, loyal, hard-working, peace-loving and sincere are some of the other traits associated with those born under this sign. They tend to be sociable people, with a great sense of humour and loads of compassion for others. Mild-mannered pigs are also said to represent luck, wealth, and overall good fortune.

In the Chinese culture, sons born in the twelfth sign are considered very lucky at birth, as they are always well fed and allowed to have their way, with someone always looking after them. Pigs are also associated with virility, since they usually have large litters, and many Chinese couples will prominently display pictures or statues of pigs in their bedroom if they are trying to have children.

I looked for famous people born under the sign of the pig and noticed a couple of things; only one woman's name popped up; 1947 seemed to be a good year for producing famous people, including the woman.

Snoop Dog (1971)

Michael Jackson (1958)

Elton John (1947)

Stephen King (1947)

Arnold Schwarzenegger (1947)

Hilary Clinton (1947)

Alfred Hitchcock (1899)

Ernest Hemingway (1899)

Carl Jung (1875)

Carl Linnaeus (1707)

Here's hoping that the babies born this year, under the sign of the pig, will use their positive characteristics to bring great fortune to the world, lead impactful and positive lives, and create lasting legacies!

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