• Cindy Zampa


“I don’t go by the rule book. I lead from the heart, not the head.”

~ Princess Diana ~

Outwardly poised, elegant, and stylish, Princess Diana also demonstrated tremendous resilience, warmth, and compassion during her lifetime. While her short life of 36 years may not have been the fairy-tale often imagined for the life of a princess, she certainly left a lasting legacy.

Often called “The People's Princess”, she earned that title by breaking many of the traditions that acted as barriers between the public and the royal family. Her actions and choices made the royal family seem more accessible and relatable. She was publicly affectionate towards her children and insisted on raising them in as “normal” an environment as possible given the roles and duties that would be pressed on them as they grew up. She honestly expressed her own emotions, however raw they might be, thus exposing her disappointments and struggles. Deeply committed to advocating for marginalized groups, she often used her voice to speak up for them and inspired others to follow her lead in making positive changes.

In this portrait, I hoped to convey my admiration for her sincerity and strength of character, while also revealing her underlying vulnerability, shyness and sadness. She wears a jewel encrusted tiara and purple coat to depict her royal status. Then, I gave her a background of faded denim, to symbolize her down-to-earth, natural side that allowed her to so easily connect with people from all backgrounds despite her lofty position.

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