• Cindy Zampa


Legacy of Sports

Participating in any type of sport has many benefits, especially if the fun of playing is the primary motivator. Many great memories and friendships arise from sports.

Besides gaining the physical skills to become a play maker, regular practice allows athletes to set goals and strive for improvements. Many social skills, such as showing respect for coaches and other players, establishing healthy boundaries, and communication skills can be fostered by team play. Even individual sports can be conducted within a family or team-like atmosphere.

Other positives of engaging in sports include building confidence and persistence in learning. Character development happens as athletes learn to deal with challenges or set-backs and be a good sport about it all.

In creating this image, I had in mind several notable professional athletes who have impacted countless people during their careers. It's obvious they were driven by their own love of the sport. They willingly spent hours practicing as children, long after the sun had set. Even after they've retired from the game, they continue to be involved in various capacities, such as coaching or supporting youth programs.

Whether it's through direct mentorship or simply by being excellent role models, their participation in sports has allowed them to leave a lasting legacy, the full effects of which they may not see within their lifetime.

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