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Art of healing

Renascent: (adjective)


being reborn, springing again into being

from Latin, renasci, to be born again

2021: Renascent

adjective: being reborn, springing 


“Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.” Twyla Tharp


Like many others, I spent most of 2020 at home. The pandemic has been a double-edged sword, causing a sense of loss, while also inspiring gratitude for many things previously taken for granted.


It took me a while to understand, then accept, that our ‘2020 Vision’ project had to be shelved. All the excitement of plans to travel within a 52-mile radius, the anticipation of making connections with people and places in our community, and so many creative possibilities….

Everything had to be put on hold. Released. Grieved.

For many months, art making ceased for me, as my attention was fractured and strained by the external stressors in the world. Deep down, I knew it was a normal reaction for me, given the circumstances. I knew it was merely a phase that would end, but still - I could feel my anxiety rising as I struggled in my mind, body and spirit to find balance and health.


I recalled some of my training as an art therapist and counselled myself to be patient. Eventually, I learned that being still and exercising self-compassion was the path toward healing. When I did return to creating it was as a type of mental health therapy, to release anxiety and calm my mind. A pattern emerged: be still; release; grieve; repeat.

Now that 2020 is truly hindsight, the new year is calling me forward to continue along this healing path. My curiosity has returned, along with some courage, and for that I am grateful!

A sense of hope began to infuse my work in the last couple of months and I began a series of paintings called ‘Looking Up’. I have the urge to experiment, play, learn and explore.

Now, the cycle is: be still; release; grieve; give gratitude; repeat.


Creating art is a healing act. Yes, it requires courage, but it is worth all the benefits it brings to nourishing a healthy state of being. Connecting with others, collaborating, engaging in conversations, sharing struggles and successes… all are important factors in the journey towards healing. Now, more than ever, art is important!


I do hope you will join me on my healing journey. Perhaps you will even be inspired to create some of your own ‘Art of Healing’ in 2021?


With a full heART of healing wishes for all,